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WuXi XDC Enters into Partnership with Multitude Therapeutics and HySlink Therapeutics, Novel Linker-Payload Technology Enabling Clients to Accelerate ADC Discovery and Development

SHANGHAI, Jan 31, 2024—WuXi XDC (2268.HK), a leading global Contract Research, Development and Manufacturing Organization (CRDMO) focused on ADC and the other types of bioconjugate market; and Multitude Therapeutics, a clinical stage biotechnology company renowned for...

Dr. Jimmy Li, CEO of WuXi XDC, delivered a keynote speech entitled “Global Premier Bioconjugation CRDMO to Enable and Expedite Innovations” at 42nd Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference

JPM医疗健康年会 | 药明合联李锦才博士:全球领先的生物偶联药CRDMO加速赋能行业创新发展   美国旧金山当地时间1月9日上午,在摩根大通第42届年度医疗健康大会现场,药明合联(WuXi XDC,2268.HK)CEO李锦才博士应邀出席大会并发表了题为“全球领先的生物偶联药CRDMO加速赋能行业创新发展”的主题演讲,通过现场以及在线直播的方式和全球医疗健康行业专家和投资机构连线,分享了药明合联最新的业务动态,生物偶联药行业的前沿洞察,以及未来展望。    ...

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