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Services & Solutions

Ready-Made Payloads & Linkers

Order now our high-quality GMP and non-GMP grade “Ready-to-Conjugate” Chemical Payloads, Linkers and Payload-Linkers


WuXi XDC offers a growing library of common payloads and linkers for use in a variety of R&D and pharmaceutical purposes including use as chemical intermediates in the production of antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) and other bioconjugates. These ready-to-use small molecule entities are available in inventory as either GMP- and non-GMP grade.


Payloads and Linkers


Below is short list of common payloads and linkers available for immediate purchase (GMP or non-GMP). For the full list of “ready-to-conjugate” chemical entities please fill out the “Request a Quote” form.



MMAE*, VC-MMAE*, MMAF, MC-MMAF*, DM1, DM4, SN38, Exatecan mesylate (DX-895 1f)*, PNU159682, PBD, and Teserine.





MC-VC-PAB-PNP, Glu-VC-PAB, NHS-Glu-VC- PAB, Azido-Glu-VC-PAB, Hydrazone (acid sensitive), Disulfide (glutathione sensitive), SMCC and Fmoc-VAL- ALA-PAB-PNP


*Drug Master File (DMF) is available with specific regulatory agencies. Please contact us (see submission form on the right) for more information.


Customized Payload & Linker Services

As a one-stop CRDMO (Contract Research, Development and Manufacturing Organization), we also offer customized payload, linker and payload-linker discovery, development and manufacturing services utilizing hundreds of dedicated and highly trained scientists and engineers.


Our specialized small molecule R&D and manufacturing teams have deep experience in the identification, optimization and commercialization of NCEs (new chemical entities) or existing chemical payloads and linkers and have extensive know-how for the design of proprietary synthetic routes. Our enabling technologies and capabilities include:


  • Hydrogenation
  • Flow chemistry
  • Bio-catalysis
  • Chemo-catalysis

With OEB 5 protection within our laboratories and GMP manufacturing suites, efficient project management systems, expertise for right-first-time execution and uncompromised quality, WuXi XDC has an extensive history of providing on-time delivery of customized molecules for your various R&D and GMP manufacturing needs.


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