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Drug Antibody Ratio Technology Platform
Enrichment technology greatly enhances DAR4 percentage in the final ADC product

The patented WuXiDAR4TM Drug Antibody Ratio (DAR) platform and enrichment technology greatly enhances DAR4 (four payload molecules per mAb) percentage in the final ADC product and improves conjugation efficiency. Precisely controlling DAR has been a major challenge for the ADC industry.  Our new proprietary DAR4 technology tightly controls ADC product homogeneity allowing for more precise quality control of ADC molecules. Thus, WuXiDAR4TM also enables more accurate assessment of the ADC clinical efficacy and more importantly, offers greater patient safety.


WuXiDAR4TM offers the following additional advantages:


  • Uses IgG1 and IgG4 antibodies directly; conjugation primarily in the Fab region
  • Obtain turnaround time for ADC generation in only 2-3 weeks
  • Achieves high homogeneity of product; DAR4 species occupies >70% after modification when DAR4 is reached and routinely reaches >85%
  • Attain better ADC PK properties
  • Allows for better product storage stability and longer serum stability
  • Utilizes mild reaction conditions and simple conjugation process


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