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Poster modified on 17/10/2023

Accelerated Prep-HPLC Purification and Lyophilization Process for the manufacturing of Linker-Payloads
Qu Haijun, Xu Feng, Lin Yuan, Shen Jianhua, Qiu Wenjun, Gu Wei, Li Jianqiang, Sudhir Patil
WuXi XDC (Shanghai), Co. Ltd.

Most linker-payloads used for ADCs need to be purified by prep-HPLC followed by lyophilization. Prep-HPLC generates large quantities of product fractions that require a time-consuming lyophilization process. In this poster, we discuss an enrichment process for reducing the volume of the Prep-HPLC pure product fractions to <1/4 of the original volume. As a result, the lyophilization time can be shortened significantly and the decomposition of the linker-payloads can be effectively prevented.


This scientific poster was originally presented during the 2023 World ADC Conference in San Diego

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