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Poster modified on 17/10/2023

High-Throughput Conjugation Platform Used for Screening ADCs
Jiawei Lu, Hongxiang Zhou, Yuting Li, Ping Zhong
WuXi XDC (Shanghai), Co. Ltd.

Finding the ideal antibody is critical for ADC development. To that end, ELISA- or FACS-based binding assays and Fab-ZAP-based internalization assays are widely used for antibody ranking. Yet the antibody ranking results may or may not reflect the rankings obtained for the ADCs derived from these antibodies. Our high-throughput conjugation platform can provide a large number of ADCs with consistent DAR, low residual linker-payload without obvious aggregation, and having appropriate quality for direct cytotoxicity ranking.


This scientific poster was originally presented during the 2023 World ADC Conference in San Diego

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