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Poster modified on 16/02/2024

Application of Flow Chemistry Process in Linker-Payload Synthesis
Qu Haijun, Xu Feng, Lin Yuan, Shen Jianhua, Qiu Wenjun, Gu Wei, Li Jianqiang, Patil Sudhir
WuXi XDC (Shanghai), Co. Ltd.

Most of the linker-payloads used for ADCs are highly potent and cytotoxic compounds. Deprotection and reduction of compounds by hydrogenation is one of the most common reactions in linker-payload synthesis. However, hydrogenation is one of the challenging processes to handle in high potency (HP) production areas due to safety requirements. Additionally, batch mode production limit’s reaction scale and can result in incomplete conversion due to the difficulty of applying high pressure. This poster reviews how a simplified process using a small-scale flow mode operation can successfully mitigate safety risks and offer high conversion with great ease of operation.


This scientific poster was originally presented during the 2024 World ADC Conference in London

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